Stovetop Firestop – Residential Fire Suppression System

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Kitchen fires are devastating, causing millions of dollars in property damage and serious burn injuries every year in Canada.

Residential grease fires, and stove top fires, are the leading cause of house fires and burns and have been for many years. Commercial kitchens use automatic fire suppression systems, because they are the best way to contain and extinguish cooking fires with the least danger to the occupants.

Finally there is an affordable solution for residential stove fires in Canada. StoveTop FireStop has been sold in the USA for more than 30 years and have saved countless lives, and millions of dollars in damages, not to mention the devastation and inconvenience of having to move out of your home while fire restoration companies gut and restore your kitchen or entire home.


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StoveTop FireStop Testimonials

“StoveTop FireStop Automatic Fire Extinguisher is a unique device and I was amazed at its simplicity. I am personally glad to see such an item available to all homes and businesses where range hoods are used. It is easy to see why you are excited about this amazing product and I recommend it for all home use. StoveTop FireStop should become as common as the smoke detector.”

Joe Benson, Assistant Fire Chief,  McAlester, OK



“One of my accounts in Tidewater, Virginia, has 15 apartment sites, and when they had a stove fire it was costing an average of $11,000 in damages. Once they put in StoveTop FireStop, the damage dropped to an average of $1,000 (thus saving them $9,000 on their $10,000 policy deductible). They are believers.”

–        T. Nichols, Technical Loss Control Representative MiddleOak Insurance




“StoveTop FireStop may be the most important fire safety product introduced to the general public since the advent of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and residential fire sprinklers. The StoveTop FireStop is unbelievably simple.”
  –   Renzie L. Davidson,    Fire Marshal Castleberry, FL




“Thank you for a wonderful product. We have 72 units here at Pecan Village Apartments. Both our Maintenance Supervisor and Maintenance Tech are full-time firefighters and part-time here. Your product has saved at least ten apartments from extensive fire damage and total loss of entire buildings.  Our Maintenance Tech says, ‘It’s the best personal silent firefighter a home can have.'”

Lori Barnett,  Property Manager, Pecan Village Apartments, Real Property Services




“Abbey Residential began using StoveTop FireStops approximately 5 years ago. Since then, this product has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages that would’ve occurred from our residents cooking activities.

In almost 100% of the cases where we have had cooking fires in our apartment units, the resident is either asleep on the couch, has gone to the store to purchase something, or is simply not in the kitchen. That is what make StoveTop FireStop so valuable – the resident does not have to be there for this product to extinguish the fire.

The StoveTop FireStop is one of the best products and apartment owner can purchase. It will make a huge difference in protecting the property from careless residents who put their lives and other residents lives at risk by unsafe cooking practices.”

—    Frank Barefield, President – Abbey Residential Birmingham, Alabama


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